Multiple Stop Journeys

Multiple stop journeys are indicated in the journey details, where a passenger can add up to 4 stops, including the final destination.

Please note that further details may be added in the comments section. This may include additional stops as well.

  • These journeys vary in waiting time at each stop. You will therefore need to confirm these details with the passenger, so that you may be ready when the passenger wishes to continue the journey.

  • You may not take other journeys during this waiting time. You will be paid for the entire journey time.

  • Should you have questions during the journey please contact Customer Service, preferably while your passenger is at a stop and not in the vehicle.

Procedure you should follow:

Start of journey

Greet your passenger according to standard procedure and continue to ask the 3 standard preference questions.

The only variation is that for the preferred route question you should ask: “Do you have a preferred route to your first stop at (SPECIFY FIRST STOP)?”

At each intermediate stop

At each stop along the journey please ask the following:

"May I have an estimate of when you would like to be collected?"

If you cannot park at the location during waiting time please add: "When you are ready, please call me and I will come and greet you?"

When your passenger returns, and you are ready to continue, please confirm the next stop using the preferred route question:

“Do you have a preferred route to your next stop at (SPECIFY SECOND/THIRD STOP)?”

End of journey

Once the journey has ended and you are outside the vehicle, you should open the door for the passenger. When the passenger is ready to walk away from you, if you feel it appropriate, you may then use the below farewell (FAQ).

"May I assist you with anything else?" and "Thank you, have a good day/evening".