How do I receive the sign up bonus?

How does the sign up bonus work?

To receive the sign up bonus:

  • Register a new chauffeur account in your Personal Account, add all the necessary documents and register the driver for accreditation.

  • Successfully pass the Academy accreditation.

  • After accreditation and within 28 days from the date of account activation, complete the required number of journeys.

  • The number of journeys required is determined by the vehicle class:

Who does the Sign Up bonus apply to?

The programme applies exclusively to new chauffeurs, accredited in London from 9th September 2021.

When will I receive my bonus?

After completion of the required number of journeys you will receive your bonus.

As a new First class or XL chauffeur can I combine journey classes to reach the required total number of journeys?

Yes, but when combining journeys you must hit the total target of the lowest class you drive.

For example, an XL chauffeur can combine their journey totals with Business class journeys (in the appropriate vehicle) but they must therefore hit 60 total journeys as a result.

Do Assistant journeys count towards the total journeys?

Yes, Assistant journeys are also added to the total number of journeys of the active class.

To Note:

  • A maximum of 5 journeys per passenger will count towards this incentive.

  • Chauffeurs who are asked to complete accreditation as a result of low ratings will not be entitled to the sign up bonus.

  • If the Wheely partnership is ended prior to the sign up bonus period being complete, then the sign up bonus and referral are no longer valid.

  • Cancelled and no-show journeys do not count towards the journey count.